Setting up the Myna Recording App

Always be the host with the Myna recorder.  Calendar-enabled, desktop recording of your audio and video meetings



  • Windows 10
  • Dropbox (you will need to install the app from here if you do not have it already)
  • Office 365 or Gmail (optional for calendar functionality)

Windows 10 users can download the latest installer from here

Installation instructions can be found in this help article.

Mac/Linux user?  For the moment, you will need to rely on the native recording tools provided by Zoom, Webex etc.  You can get more help here for Zoom Cloud, Zoom Local, Google Meet and native Mac Recording.

Getting started

Login in to Myna

First things first:  You need an account with Myna to use the app.  If you haven't please visit here to sign up

The very first thing you will see after the app starts is the login screen, which looks a bit like this:


Click on the "Sign-in" button to sign in to Myna

Once you have done this, return to the app and you should see something like this:


Calendar Integration

Office 365 or Gmail user?  You connect the app your calendar to automatically start and stop meetings

If not, skip to the next section



Click on your calendar provider eg "Outlook" for Office 365

If you can't see this page, look for three dots in the lower left hand side of the page


and click "Account"


Follow the login procedure and you should now see the Calendar screen


Anything highlighted in red is an automatically recorded meeting.  What makes something an automatic recording is driven from your General Settings.  These include Zoom and Skype meetings

If you want to select (or deselect) a meeting being recorded, just select or deselect the tick box

The calendar refreshes when you first log in, so if a meeting is added for the same day, you will need to hit "Refresh" to update it

Recording paths

The next step sets where your recordings will be stored.  To get the best out of Myna, and to get your SmartTranscript delivered to you, you will need to store your recordings in Dropbox

First, be certain that you have a Dropbox folder, and that you have connected Myna to your Dropbox account.  If you have, the path should look like C:\Users\<your name>\Dropbox (Personal)\Apps\MeetMyna

So click on the 3 dots


select "Recordings"


and in the bottom right-hand side, click "Set Directory"


Here you need to select the Myna App Dropbox folder

Audio device setup

Go back


Click on the 3 dots again


and click on "Audio Device Settings"


Select the Mic and Speakers you want to capture


Configure Voice Activation

This is a great way of cutting out background noise like typing from your side of the recording.

Click on "Configure Voice Activation"

And you will see a screen like this:


Click "Auto Configure"


Select your default language and click the record button


You will need to speak in your usual voice for about 20 seconds, and feel free to read the text on screen if it helps.  Nothing will be send back to Myna.

Once you have finished, you will see a screen like this.  


You can see how well the system performs by recording your voice, and playing it back.


Now, click the back button


And you're done!

If you want more control over automatic recording, including driving your recordings from labels in Outlook, then move on to the next article.  Otherwise, you are good to go and "meet memorable"!

Getting an error?  Please take a look at our Troubleshooting section

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