Myna Recording App Advanced Settings

Not yet set up the App?  Take a look at this article.

Otherwise, click on the 3 dots and go to "General Settings"

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You should now have 3 options:



Launch on Windows start

Default to "true".  If you don't want the app to start with Windows, just flick the slider across

Default Language

You will already have set this in the Myna backend, but you can override it here for your local Myna recordings



Calendar Lookahead

This sets how far ahead the app should look in your calendar to find events that should be recorded

Category Filters

This nifty little feature lets you set categories against meetings in Outlook, and have Myna record them.

Like so:

Here is a meeting in my Outlook calendar (these instructions are for a desktop Outlook installation, but work just as well on the web)


And here it is in Myna:


Here are my category filters in Myna:


If I right-click on my calendar item in Outlook and select "Categorize", I can just select "Conference Record to make Myna record this meeting.


I have already set up Conference Record as a category, so the first time you do this, click "All categories"


then "New" and add a category that matches what is in your Myna Category Filters box (I added "MYNA" earlier"


So now my meeting has changed colour in Outlook:


Click "Refresh" in my Myna calendar (or just wait until I next restart the app), and the meeting will be automatically recorded:


Keyword Filters

These tell the system to look out for certain key phrases in your invitations to automatically record them.  In many cases, there is an invisible marker in calendar invitations that says it is an online meeting, so we detect that anyway.  But you may have certain recurring meetings that you always want to be picked up, so you can just add in the relevant terms here



Mix Microphone Left

This changes the channel the recorder uses to record the mic.  You should never need to change this!

Recording Lead Time

How far ahead to start the recording before the time in the Calendar

Extend Lead Time

If you are coming to the end of the allotted time for a meeting, the Control Bar will start to flash "Extend" to allow you to add another 5 minutes to the recording time.  This setting controls how long before the end of the meeting this starts.

Toast Alert Enabled

This sets whether you also get a standard Windows "Toast" alert coming in from the side of the screen

Toast Lead Time

How many seconds before an event this alert comes up

Downsample to 8k

If you are short on space in Dropbox, this will reduce your file size, but also potentially reduce intelligibility and transcription quality



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