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The simplest way to get data into Myna from Zoom is to enable Zoom Cloud recording.  This captures your audio/video centrally in Zoom, notifies us when it is ready, and we then move it off to Myna from there (and on into Dropbox for long-term storage).  Pretty soon after, a pretty SmartTranscript will arrive in your inbox!


So step 1, make sure you have connected Zoom and Dropbox to Myna here.

On the same page as your Dropbox connection (https://app.meetmyna.com/apps), you will see a button inviting you to connect to Zoom


Click "Connect to Zoom"

You will now be invited to log into Zoom mceclip3.png

and once you have done that grant Myna permission to collect recordings on your behalf



Click "Authorize"

This will return you to Myna, and you will see this message if you have been successful:


Got any problems?  Try our troubleshooting guide


Next, log in to Zoom to set up your Cloud recording.  Even if you have done this before, please quickly go through these steps as there may be a few changes between your current settings, and what Myna needs to make it work optimally.

Change your settings to look like this:


So, a couple of things to note:

"Audio Transcript"

If you are lucky enough to be on Zoom Pro or Enterprise, Zoom can transcribe your calls (if they are in English).  Because Zoom has access to all of the audio data, beautifully speaker separated, and at source, they do a really good job with the transcript.  You can't add custom vocab like you can with Myna, but they still do a bang-up job, so you may want to stick with them. 

Because it can take some time for the Zoom transcripts to come through, if we have not seen them in 12 hours, we will do the transcription anyway. 

If you conduct calls in English and another Myna-supported language, and you select to use the Zoom transcripts but select another language as your primary language, if we don't get an English transcript in 12 hours, we assume it's in your other language 

Make sure you tell that you are using the Zoom transcript! Go to your Myna preferences and select "Use Zoom Transcript"


"Save panelist chat to the recording" 

Feel free to tick that box if that is what you want to save the chat into the recording itself.  Just at the moment, we don't add the participant chat to the recording because you might not want all of the private chats shared with all the participants.

And there's more

One other setting to look at:

Automatic recording


This is off by default, but if you want to make sure you never miss a Myna moment, then you can set every call to be recorded.  Here we have set it to "Record in the cloud".  You can override this on a meeting by meeting basis, or even turn it off in call

How long does it take?

It depends a lot on when we get told about the Zoom recording (and transcript, if you are using that).  We get automatic notifications from Zoom, which are out of our control - as we say above if you have chosen to use the Zoom transcript and we don't get a notification in 12 hours, but we have got the video, we will process it anyway.

Once we get the notification, it can take anywhere between 5 minutes and two hours to get the email from us.  Factors that affect this are how long the meeting was, and how much content was shared in the meeting.  Once we have downloaded the file from Zoom it goes through an intensive video processing routine, so the longer the file, the longer you may have to wait, especially if you did a lot of screen sharing.

You'll know when you have got the email from us, because it will look a bit like this:


How to Uninstall

Two really simple ways of uninstalling the app

1. Zoom preferences

Just go to https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed and look for the Myna app


Click Uninstall (we've highlighted it in yellow in the picture)

2. Myna preferences

Go to your Myna preferences and look for the Zoom heading:


Click "Disconnect Zoom"

Got more questions?

Support details can be found here

We also have a community forum here

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