Zoom - Setting up Local recording

If you don't want to set up Cloud recording, you can use the native Zoom client to record on your computer, and get the data into Myna that way.


  1. Dropbox App
  2. Zoom Client
  3. MeetMyna connected to Dropbox

Firstly, make sure you have the Dropbox app installed, otherwise you can't get the data to us.  You will have a folder on your computer called "Dropbox" if you have.  If you don't know or can't see the folder, go to https://www.dropbox.com/install to get the app.

Also, make sure you have connected your Dropbox to Myna (you can check here).

And as a final check, go into the "Apps" folder in Dropbox, and make sure you have a "MeetMyna" folder in there.

To record locally using native Zoom tools, you need the Zoom client, so if you use the web client, best to use the MeetMyna app.  Otherwise, if you don't have the Zoom client installed, get it from https://zoom.us/download.

With all of that done, you are good to go!

Set up the Zoom Client

On the home page of your Zoom client, you should have a settings "cog" like below, highlighted in yellow.


Select the "Recordings" tab and select the checkboxes like we have below:


Then click on the "Change" button (we have highlighted it in yellow) and select the "MeetMyna" folder in Dropbox Apps (could be something like C:\Users\<your name>\Dropbox (Personal)\Apps\MeetMyna)

Setting up Automatic Recording

You might find it useful to set up automatic recording for your meetings.  You can always disable this on a meeting-by-meeting basis, or just stop the recording in the middle of a meeting

If so, go to https://zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=recording

Scroll down to the Automatic recording block:


First, switch it on (see yellow highlight).  Then select "Record on the local computer" and then click "Save"

Saved your meeting in the wrong folder?

Not an issue.  Go to the folder that contains your Zoom Local recordings, and look for the sub-folder that contains your meeting, like this


Copy the whole subfolder to your MeetMyna Dropbox folder (not just the video file) - That way we get all the metadata as well 


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