Teams Cloud recording

Recording Teams is not the simplest of things to set up in a user-friendly way!

To get the data out and into Myna in an easy-to-use form, you will need our Outlook plugin (Windows only).  But with that installed, it is pretty painless.

But if you can't use any of these methods, don't worry, we may have a solution:  Take a look at other options here

Set up Teams recording (Teams Admins only!)

There are a lot of pre-requisites to setting up Teams recording, not least of all having a Stream subscription.  The best thing to do is take a look at the Microsoft documentation which talks you through it, which you can find at

This is something your company admin will need to do for you.

Set up the Myna Plugin

The first time you use the plugin, you will be asked to log into your Microsoft account, as well as your Myna account.  From time to time, you may be asked to log in again.  You can do this manually at any time by clicking on the relevant toolbar button.


Teams Cloud recording does have the option to perform transcription for you (English only), rather than use the Myna transcription.  You can set that up from here: Again, this is a Teams admin function.

Because it can take some time for the Stream transcripts to come through, you can force the plugin to send the meeting recording to Myna in any event

Make sure you tell that you are using the Teams transcript! Go to your Myna preferences and select "Use StreamTranscript"


As soon as the plugin detects an email from Stream telling you that you have a new meeting recording, it will do one of two things.  If you are not using Teams transcription, it will send the meeting recording direct to Myna.  If you are using Teams transcription, it will check to see if the transcript is ready, and if it is, it will send that and the recording to Myna.  If not, it will check periodically until it has found a transcript.

Recording in Teams

How do I know it's working?

First things first, see if you can actually get Teams to do some recording.

When you are in your next call or meeting look for the three dots that leads you to a set of options


Click and you should see a "Start recording" option:


If you do, then click to start the recording and wait for the notification to appear in your email. 

If not, then you will need to contact your Teams admin, and ask them to enable recording

Upload status

If you click on the "Pending Video" button, you can see the current status of your video uploads from Teams


Manually triggering an upload

If you don't want to wait for Stream to produce a transcript, you can force the system to push the video through without it, and rely on the Myna transcription.  Just select the tickbox next to the video (under "Upload Without Transcript"), and then click "Save Change"

Retry video

Sometimes there may be an issue with our ability to get a video from Stream, so you may need to retry the video.  Just click on the video to highlight it, and then click "Retry"

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