Outlook Plugin - Link to calendar

If you use Windows and Outlook, you can use our calendar plugin to get more out of Myna

Link SmartTranscript to your calendar

Do you want to be able to find the record of your meetings direct from your calendar, without having to search in your email.

First, update your Myna preferences to put your SmartTranscript into Dropbox as well as attaching it to your email


Next time you get an email from Myna, and we can see the meeting in your calendar, a link will be automatically added.  NB this can only be seen by you:  It does not notify the other recipients

Fill in meeting details automatically

If we know about your meeting (because you use Zoom Cloud recording or the Myna Recording app), we will populate the details into the email we send you.  But if you used another mechanism, we will try to use other ways of looking up your meeting in your calendar.  It could be a Zoom ID (which we get from Zoom local recordings), or a timestamp (if we can work out when your recording started).  These allow us to work out who was at the meeting, and if we can, match it up to your calendar

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