Troubleshoot Zoom Cloud recording

Having trouble setting up your Zoom Cloud recording with Myna?  Not getting SmartTranscripts to your email?  Take a look at our troubleshooting tips below:


Cannot connect Zoom app

The most common reason that users cannot connect to our app is that they are not on the correct Zoom pricing tier.  "API Access" is only available on Zoom Business, Pro and Enterprise plans

If you want to record your meeting and process it with Myna, there are still a number of options, including using the native Zoom app, or if you are on Windows 10, using the Myna Recording app, which can be linked direct to your calendar to automate your recordings, and to record without needing host permission.

Not receiving SmartTranscript

There are a few reasons why you might not be getting a SmartTranscript, and we have prepared a troubleshooting guide for that which has a lot of general reasons.  But there are some that are Zoom Cloud specific, so make sure you have worked through these first:

Have you connected Myna to Cloud Storage?

We ask you to connect to a cloud storage provider like Dropbox, so that we have somewhere to store your audio/video meeting file for the long term, and where we can create a link to let you stream the file from.  If you don't connect to a cloud drive, you will not get a SmartTranscript from us!

The most common issue? Mixing up Dropbox and Box.  We only support Dropbox right now (with Box coming soon), so use the right credentials, please.

Have you connected Myna to Zoom?

Make sure you have followed the installation guide carefully. Particularly make sure that you have set up cloud storage for your audio/video so that we have somewhere to store it for you

Have you told us who is doing the transcription?

This is one of the most common causes of confusion if you are on Zoom Pro or Enterprise.  Zoom does a very nice job of transcribing calls in English, and you may well want to select that option:  However it is really important you tell us that you want us to let Zoom do this for you

So, first thing, make sure it is properly set up in your Zoom preferences:


Make sure that the Audio transcript box is checked

Now go into your Myna preferences and make sure you have checked the "Use Zoom Transcript" box


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