Why do I need to connect Cloud Storage?

To run Myna, you need to add a cloud storage account like Dropbox.


Cloud Recordings

If you ask us to collect a meeting file from a provider like Zoom, we need to be able to "stream" it to you from your SmartTranscript, which means that it needs to be directly accessible from a private (obfuscated) link.  We do this by collecting the meeting file, and transferring it to your cloud storage, and then creating a unique link to that file (this link is created by the cloud provider and is designed to be all but impossible to guess). 

Local Recordings

If you create a meeting on your laptop or mobile device, you have to find some way of actually getting it to us, and of then allowing the meeting video/audio to be streamed to your SmartTranscript.  By far the simplest way is by connecting Myna to your cloud storage, which creates a special area that you can safely upload files to, where we can connect to them and process them for you.

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