Google Meet using Zapier and Dropbox

To get your Google Meet recordings into Myna automatically, you will need to use Zapier to move the files into your Myna Dropbox folder.

If you prefer a video walkthrough, try this YouTube video.


  1. Make sure you have connected Dropbox and Myna.  If not, download Dropbox using these instructions, and connect to Myna.
  2. If you have never recorded a meeting in Google Meet, quickly start a meeting and record it.  This will create the correct folder in Google Drive for us to connect to.

Zapier setup

It's a pretty straighforward process to set up a "Zap" in Zapier.  To get you started we have created a template to do a lot of the basic work. You just have to connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, and select a few folders

  1. Click here to start the process.  This will take you to the start page

  2. Click on the "Use this Zap" button: 
    You may need to log in to Zapier at this point.  You can use your Google credentials to do this

  3. Select your Google Account and click "Continue":

  4. Select the "Meet Recordings" folder and click "Continue":

  5. Click "Test Trigger" to make sure that Zapier can connect to the folder and find a test file:

  6. You should see a message like this.  If you do, click "Continue":

  7. And when you see this screen, click "Continue":

  8. Select your Dropbox account and click "Continue":

  9. Select the "/Apps/MeetMyna" folder and click "Continue":

  10. Quick test time.  Click "Test and Continue":

  11. Success!  You should now see this:

  12. Turn it on!  Click on the "Turn on Zap" button and you are good to go:
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