Our favourite screen!  There is a lot to do here, including adding Custom Topics, choosing a language and even adding custom vocabulary to help improve our transcription:


From the top...


Choose from English (all accents, except Indian), Indian-accented English, French (European and Canadian), Spanish (European and South American) and Brazilian Portuguese (we built it for the Olympics, but there will be a European one soon)

We know that a lot of people will have some meetings in English and some in their native language, so don't worry if you have this problem:  We will be moving over our language ID algorithms so you will be able to choose a primary language and a secondary language, and we'll try to detect the right one

Custom Topics

These are phrases or words which are important to you.  Could be something as simple as "Action item" so you can say that to capture actions, or it could be a specific product name.  If it is an unusual word, see below for how to add it to a Custom Vocabulary

If your Custom Topics are found in the SmartTranscript, you will be able to click on them, and navigate straight where it was said

Custom Vocabulary

A speech recognition system knows a lot of words:  But it does not know all of them.  We have a process that helps the system learn new words and phrases all the time (For example, we let the system watch the news, and see if it sees words or phrases it has not seen before.  And we sometimes find new phrases from other sources.  We stumbled across the phrase NERSC Perlmutter the other day while doing some work for someone, added it to a custom dictionary, and then got it right all day long!)

Use this box to put in words and phrases, one at a time:


Use Zoom Transcript

If you have the right level of Zoom account (Business or Enterprise), you can use Zoom's built-in English transcription, which is generally very good, and because Zoom captures and controls the audio, you'd hope it would be. We would recommend this if you can, but make sure you set your Zoom account settings properly.  Otherwise, you are going to be waiting 12 hours for us to not get the transcript, and then process it for you

Use Teams/Stream Transcript

Teams, also, provides a transcript, which is generally not as good as the one Zoom does (which is a surprise as Microsoft usually does a pretty good job).  The only way you can automatically get a Teams Cloud recording is if you use our Outlook Plugin and set up Teams for Cloud recording.

Send to an alternative email

Does what it says on the tin.  If you don't want the email at your sign-up address, add a new one here

Put video in Dropbox

This will evolve as we add more cloud services to store data, so for the moment, this is mandatory.  If we can't put your video/audio file into Dropbox, we have no way of playing it in your SmartTranscript.  More info here.

Put a copy of SmartTranscript in Dropbox

If you want to add a link in your calendar to the SmartTranscript of your meeting, then check this.  If you don't want to have an attachment to your email, but just want to get a link instead, check this and uncheck the next box, which is

 Attach SmartTranscript to email

By default, we attach your SmartTranscript to an email, so you have it in your inbox.  If you don't want that, we can stick it in Dropbox instead and send you a link, so you would need to uncheck this box, and check the one above


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