I've been waiting for hours. Where is my email/SmartTranscript?!

First, please check the Service Status section.  If we have any known issues, we will post them there.

Generally, we expect you to get your SmartTranscript within a couple of hours, usually a lot less.  On our side, the biggest factor in time terms is the length of the file we receive, and if it is a video file, how much "content" there is, ie how much has been presented in the meeting.  Our AI "reads" everything, and that means going through the whole file and puzzling it out, which can take a little time.

Anything more than that, follow the tips below, especially if you have never received a SmartTranscript from us before, or if you have added a new service or made any changes to your service.

Otherwise, please contact us.

Zoom setup issues

Are you trying to connect your cloud recordings to Myna?

We have a step-by-step guide here which should help you. 

But just a few highlights:

  1. Check your plan:  Only Zoom Pro and above support cloud recording
  2. Zoom Transcript? Are you trying to use the Zoom Transcript?  Make sure you have told Zoom!  Check the guide above to see how to adjust your settings.  If you have told us to use a Zoom transcript, we wait 12 hours from notification that a cloud recording is available to get the transcript notification.  If we don't hear in that time, we grab the recording and transcribe it ourselves
  3. Heard from Zoom?  Have you had a notification that the cloud recording (and transcript if you are using that option) is available?  If you haven't got this, we haven't been told either, so we can't start the download process

Local recording?  Make sure that your recording folder is pointed to a MeetMyna cloud recording folder on your computer (like C:\Users\<yourname>\Dropbox (Personal)\Apps\MeetMyna if you are using Dropbox)

Dropbox issues

We have seen two major issues with Dropbox:

1. Have you hit your quota?  We love Dropbox, because it is the simplest way to allow you to generate a secure direct link for your meeting file (Google Drive and OneDrive are more complicated and more restrictive).  However, the basic free plan is only 2Gb, which will give you a reasonable number of recordings, but if you are in the meeting storage business for the long haul, you are going to need more space. 

You can earn up to 32Gb more space using referrals: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals

The next storage tier is 2Tb, which is enough to keep you going for a very long time, and offers "SmartSync" so you don't have to keep meeting files in a folder synced to your computer.  It is $11.99/£9.99 a month, or get a company (Teams) account.

You can check your quota by logging in to https://www.dropbox.com/account/plan

2. Have you verified your email?  If you have recently signed up for Dropbox, you can start to use it immediately, but we can't create shared links for you, until you have verified your email account.

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