Workaround for meetings download issues

Did you receive an email saying there was a problem downloading your meeting? No problem - just follow these steps depending on your meeting type as a workaround so we can process it again:


Zoom Cloud

  1. Login to Zoom website and download your meeting. There are usually 3 files VTT, MP4 and M4A
  2. Copy the 3 files and paste them into a new folder
  3. Copy and Paste the new folder in the MeetMyna Dropbox folder (this is usually under something like C:\Users\<your name>\Dropbox (Personal)\Apps\MeetMyna) or in the Myna OneDrive folder (this is usually under something like C:\Users\<your name>\OneDrive\Apps\MeetMyna) depending on which app you have connected to Myna


Dropbox and OneDrive

If your meeting was a single file then you can just rename the file.

If your meeting was done using the Myna recorder then:

  1. Copy the Myna files out of the MeetMyna Dropbox or OneDrive folder. The files are the json, mp3, wav and mp4 (if video has been recorded) 
  2. Paste the files back in the MeetMyna Dropbox folder or OneDrive Myna folder





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